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Torch Challenge

Torch Challenge

No ego torch challenge

After a sell-out season in 2018, the North East's Premier HEADTORCH TRAIL RUNING SERIES will return once again during early 2019.

Challenge yourself to 5 miles of tracks & trails through stunning forests & country estates. Prepare yourself to duck under branches, jump over tree roots & all in complete darkness!

Upcoming Torch Events

No Ego Torch Challenge Torch Challenge

Venue: Dalby Forest Night Runner Race #2 Date: 23/02/2019 - 23/02/2019

We return to Dalby Forest for our last event of our Winter No Ego Challenges in Winter 2019. The 5 mile course takes place on the tracks and trails through the mighty Dalby Forest, North Yorkshire. This course will be run the opposite way to our January event, on our original race route. Can you run this faster?

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