No Ego Challenge
Ready to leave your ego at home?


From Trail Runs & Head Torch Races, our events are accessible to all & are specially designed to push your mental & physical boundaries. Leave your EGO at home. The CHALLENGE is personal!.

Challenge and adventure races have been around in one format or another for centuries. Organised races really started to show themselves in the mid 1980’s based in several forms. Some of the races included running and cycling as part of the challenge, either as individuals or in pairs. However, many of the races were based on an army assault course with a running race in between the obstacles. Adventure racing has gained popularity as people want to compete in races that do not just include running, but also have the fitness benefits of all over body conditioning.

Tough Guy branded “the safest most dangerous event in the world” was the pioneer of the full on assault course race. In 1987 an ex Army officer used his Army background to design a course he claimed to be the world’s toughest. In his races he used obstacles including many with mud, to navigate competitors around a cross country running race with hills, slides and mud pits. The event has been run in extreme weather conditions and some competitors have suffered hypothermia during the event.

During the mid 2000’s many events were started in America. Some events were over shorter distances ‘Warrior dash’ 3-4 miles and some over longer distances, ‘Tough Mudder’ 8-10 miles. ‘Spartan racing’ combines many obstacles over multiple distances and even run a Kids Spartan race. ‘Spartan Racing’ took the concept one step further with a ‘Spartan Death race’. This event brings together the winners and best competitors from their series, to compete in a 24-48 hour endurance race over an unknown distance. This event regularly has only 10% of the competitors complete the course.

No Ego Challenge has secured some of the best trail locations in the North of Englnd for our Night Trail runner head torch series. each year we have expanded this series to new locations. We use only off road, forestry commission or private estates for the series and use as much wooded trails as possible. If you haven't experienced night running look out for our Winter 2015/2016 events in The Lake District, Dalby Forest N.Yorkshire, Northumberland, Durham and Lancashire.


The No Ego Challenge was started by businessman Brian Lee. Brian lived in the USA for over 10 years with his family where he worked in the construction industry. Whilst living in Illinois, Brian and his wife were involved in running a series of successful soccer tournaments.

Since returning to the UK, Brian wanted to pursue his love of keeping fit and bring his knowledge of construction and event management together. This has resulted in developing the No Ego Challenge brand. After seeing the popularity of challenge and adventure racing in the U.S, Brian felt there was the opportunity to develop further races in the UK; and particularly the Night runner series, which are so popular in the USA, but unheard of in the UK.

Over time Brian hopes the brand will grow and No Ego Challenge races will become as popular as they are in America.

All obstacle/assault course races have a common goal, the promotion of fitness and healthy outdoor activity. All racing, road, cross country, triathlons test a competitor and require training. Adventure racing takes this one step further and requires all over body conditioning. Once you have raced in an OCR, ordinary road racing seem boring.

Fancy bringing the No Ego Challenge to a town near you?

Are you an events manager, Town Centre Officer or private landowner and fancy hosting your own No Ego Challenge race...then we want to hear from you!

No Ego Challenge races can be hosted in a variety of locations from moorland, private land, coast lines and beaches, to urban settings and city centres. We are looking for more areas across the UK where we can put on even more No Ego Challenges. We will bring the kit, build the course, create the necessary risk assessments and host the race for you. This creates revenue for the land owner and creates tourism for city councils.

If you would like to find out more about how you can have your own No Ego Challenge in a town or city, or have suggestions of where the next No Ego Challenge race can take place get in touch.

Not only is the No Ego Challenge race a challenge to undertake, it also a challenge to manage. Each event needs a large crew of staff, marshals and volunteers on site to ensure the event suns smoothly, that it is safe and that people enjoy their No Ego Challenge experience.

If you are interested in volunteering for any of our No Ego Challenges and helping us with registering participants, stewarding, taking photographs, having a food stall, helping to construct the courses then contact us now. Volunteers receive discounts or free entry into other No Ego challenges.

Download our 'Frequently Asked Questions' here

How do I enter the No Ego Challenge?

Fill in the NO Ego Challenge online booking form and pay online.  

What sort of clothing should I wear for a No Ego Challenge race?

It depends on the weather; you ARE going to get cold/wet/muddy.   We recommend base layers, tight fitting clothing and no loose cotton clothing. It will weigh you down. Footwear with a good grip - no spikes!

Do I need to be fit to take part in the No Ego Challenge?

All fitness levels can take part in The No Ego Challenge. Check out our training schedule.

Can anyone enter The No Ego Challenge?

You must be 18 years old and above. 

Can I skip an obstacle on the No Ego Challenge course?

Yes - if you do not feel confident enough to tackle one of our obstacles just walk around the obstacle. We hope that other No Ego Challenge competitors would help you complete all the obstacles. 

How long does it take to get around a No Ego Challenge course?

We expect the fastest to be around 40minutes and the slowest when the sunsets. We will be here until you finish, unless it is not safe for you to continue

When do entries close for the No Ego Challenge

Once we are full or one week before the event date.

Do I need to be able to swim?

You will need to be able to wade through water that may be up to chest height. 

How far is the No Ego Challenge course?

One lap is approximately 10km.

Can I swap my No Ego Challenge entry to a friend?

An entrant may not switch their entry to a friend. You can however, transfer your entry to another No Ego Challenge event. Please e-mail us an we will do our best to find a solution. There will be a handling charge.

Are there showers?

No - bring a towel and a change of clothing. There will be marquees that can be used for changing.


Do not carry valuables on your person.  No Ego Challenge Staff will patrol the car park all day. A marquee is available to leave bags which will be stored for you but No Ego Challenge cannot accept any responsibility for your bag(s) or any personal items.

How do I volunteer on a No Ego Challenge?

We encourage people to get involved and are always looking for volunteers for our No Ego Challenges. Please contact us here for more information. Discounts or free entry to other No Ego events are available to volunteers.

Will there be drinks/food available at the No Ego Challenge?

You will be able to buy food and drinks on the day.

What medical cover do you have?

First aiders will be on site all day should there be any injuries during a No Ego Challenge.

Refunds/transfers for the No Ego Challenge

There are no refunds for if you cancel and we are unable to transfer your bookings to future No Ego Challenges.

Why does the No Ego Challenge start in waves?

Each No Ego Challenge wave will have a maximum number of entrants and will set off at 20 minute intervals between 10.00am and 2.000pm. Starting everyone at the same time can cause major bottlenecks on the No Ego Challenge.  Electronic chips will be used for elite groups only, so please request an early wave if you want to be chip timed. There will be clocks at the start and finish of the No Ego Challenge course so you can keep an eye on your time.

Why is there a handling fee for No Ego Challenges?

The No Ego Challenge registration partner charges for the cost of transaction( merchants fee) with the bank.

Are my credit/debit card details safe?

Yes. No Ego Challenge work in partnership with Active Network, who are a world leading event registration company and have maximum security ratings.   Check them out here.

Can I register by phone or by post for a No Ego Challenge?

No, only online registrations will be accepted for the No Ego Challenge events.

What Should I bring on the day?

Please bring a full change of clothes along with your running gear and a towel to the No Ego Challenges. There will be food and drink available on site.

What about the weather?

Generally speaking, we race rain or shine, heat or snow. For us to not have a race, it must be a severe act of God. So, if you get up and it is pouring with rain we are still racing. If it is snowing a bit, we are still racing. If it is cold, we are still racing. If for some reason we must cancel a No Ego Challenge due to uncontrollable weather conditions, emails will go out and announcements will clearly be made on the site and via social networking channels and website. This No Ego Challenge is in England...come prepared!!

Can I wear a costume at a No Ego Challenge?

Yes you can wear a costume or fancy dress at a No Ego Challenge...anything but your birthday suit.  Shoes are required! Prizes will be given for best team and individual costumes.

How do I get drinking water during the No Ego Challenge?

There will be water stations available throughout the No Ego Challenge course and at the end.

Do I have to sign a waiver to participate in a No Ego Challenge?

Yes. When you arrive on the No Ego Challenge event day, you must sign a waiver in which you acknowledge (among other things) that by participating in a No Ego Challenge you expose yourself to certain risks, including the risk of personal injury. For legal reasons, we suggest that you read and understand the waiver before you sign it on event day.

Ask me a question about No Ego Challenges

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