No Ego Challenge
Ready to leave your ego at home?
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No Ego Challenge

Brace yourselves for The No Ego Challenge; a series of gruelling and tough ‘mud’ OCR, PURE trail 'Conquer the Forest' and ‘Head torch’ challenge runs that are designed to push you to the max.  Not for the feint hearted, the No Ego Challenge runs will test your stamina, strength and agility as your adrenaline forces you to the No Ego Challenge finish line.

 From start to finish, No Ego's military assault style obstacles will have you dashing, barricade-climbing, mud-crawling and rope climbing.  Our grueling course forces you to test your physical toughness and mental endurance.

Leave your Ego at home – our challenge races are designed to push your’re a No Ego winner if you can reach the finish line!


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July 17th 2016         (10km and Half marathon) Conquer the Forest, Pure trail,                                  Dalby Forest. N.Yorkshire